• Publish Single File eLibrary with your eBooks/Video/Music!
  • Your eLibrary could be installed with EUAS for Anti Piracy!
  • Sell your content files with profit and ease!
With "eLibrary Creator" you can publish eLibraries without having any special knowledge or skills. Publish single file elibrary (*. ero) with your collection of content files like ebooks, music, videos for distributing or sale with high security like RRK Security System and End User Activation System for Anti Piracy. Published library runs with the eLibrary Reader Software (Freeware)!

It enables to any tutor to automate teaching and learning practices! This program designed for all types of tutors' worldwide! It allows tutors to take classes, class wise attendance, assessing students, tracking batches and student performance and reporting by SMS or printed reports! Just one time setup need by the tutor, that's it everything would be automated for unlimited batches!
Apart from teaching and learning practices it also manages tutor personal tasks like money transactions, To Do reminders, managing contacts, writing a life diary, recording notes, storing office files and recording web accounts.

With DATABANK anyone can import files into a single Database file and allows to manage and access files inside the Database, like playing media files, viewing image files, Reading PDF and Flash files and other format files could be edited with external programs! 

And managing files inside the Database is very easy, editing file information, updating files, export to computer, searching files, deleting files and browsing. Once loaded into Database means files are secure! While importing files would be scanned and affected files would be skipped.